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Thank you to all the studs below for giving me permission to
add theyre link, these are the links off the old site plus some new ones including  studs from Germany, Netherlands and Denmark and many of my favourites from the UK too.
If you would like to be added, please drop us a line, more than
happy to  help and more the merrier, always a joy to add new ones!
Abercippyn Stud
Home of Supreme Champion Ds and As
"Abercippyn Benjy"
Arvalon Stud - Germany
As, C and Ds
"Mares at pasture"
Blaidd Stud
Quality Sections Cs
"Brookhamlodge Peter Pan"
Brynithon Stud
Valley of the Stallions
"Brynithon the Gigalo"
Balnecroft Stud
Quality Welsh Cobs
"Balnecroft Welsh Princess"Q
Telynau Stud
Home of Supreme Champions
"Telynau Royal Diadem"
Cadlan Valley Stud
 "Cadlan Valley Georgia"
Weydown Stud
Section Bs
Home of Supreme Champion
"Cwrtycadno Cadfridog"
 Amesbury Stud
Wonderful WBBRs and Riding Ponies
"Amesbury Million Dollar Baby "
Triad Stud
Quality Cs and Ds
"Synod Rubie"
Larapinta Stud
Section As
 "Larapinta Oystercatcher"
Penboeth Stud
Section As
"Penboeth Bantam"
Tryfel Stud
As and Cs
"Tryfel Dion"
Goldenwood Welsh Ponies
"Locksley Donatella Versace"
Rockbury Stud
Quality Section Bs and ridden welsh Cobs
"Steehorst Freelance"
Smokeycott Stud
Section Bs
also Binki Hoods and Glitterbug Rugs
"Larklands Goldilocks"
Gurnos Farm Stud
One of the oldest studs in the Country
As and Cs
"Gurnos Welsh JoJo - versitility in action"
Prengwyn Stud
As and Ds
"Foryd Super Model"
Kudos and Trenewydd Studs
As,C,Ds and show production
"Danaway Scrumpy Jack"
Grugeira Stud
Sections A and B
Palominos,duns & cremellos
"Tillybo Moon Dancer"
Bryngwennol Stud
Section Bs
"Bryngwennol Reflection"
Lot 307
FO High Flyers Sale 2011
Rostor Welsh Cobs
and Partbred Welsh
Theyre foundation stallion
the Late Great
"Verwood Roger"
Notts Derby Charity
Horse Show
Stutteri  Gribsvad, Denmark
As and Cs
"Gribsvad Hannibal"
Photo CAJ
Juliad Stud
"Juliad cobs"
Yamikin-Merridell-Toneill Studs
As,Cs and Ds
"Merridell ponies"
IJsselblik Stud, Netherlands
Welsh Mountain Ponies
"Cwmffrwyd Lead Soldier"
The Runshaw Stud
Welsh Mountain Ponies
"SupCh Runshaw Heulwen"
Rengrove Stud
Welsh Mountain Ponies
"Rengrove Georgie Girl"